What does one look for while buying a fan, it should be super easy to maintain, higher air delivery or low energy consumption with good looks… a checklist of things to look for!!! Well, understanding your checklist from living room to kitchen, Surya has covered it all, bringing the perfect combination of efficiency, good looks, convenience and several value-added features. Surya offers you the widest range of fans that would keep you thinking which one to opt for Let’s understand the several aspects which Surya Fans offer, that promises to spoil you for choice:

Stylish & Decorative Fans: Everything in our homes is up to date and stylish. Be it our curtains, crockery, Smart TV, furniture, Appliances but when it comes to fans, we frown upon the word creative? Naah!! not any longer. Surya surely lets you complete that space with the beautiful ceiling art. The top seller being “Aero Lite” ceiling fan by Surya which is not only stylish but also super-efficient with higher air delivery.

Anti-Dust Fans: Cleaning up the fan is quite troublesome. But with Surya you won’t come across this situation. Surya has come up with “Anti-Dust Technology” in its very popular “Royale & Royale Designer” ceiling fans. Without compromising on the airflow, these fans circulate fresh airflow in every corner and because of its Anti-Dust Feature no frequent cleaning is required. Surya further boasts varied product range in this category which includes Winter Pearl, Titanium, Pearl Ivory Gold & Pearl White Silver.

Energy Efficient Fans: While the wife thinks of the style and décor for the house, the man of the house is always thinking about the electricity bills – No surprise? Compared to regular fan, a BLDC fan can lead to savings. Surya Roshni has a variety of efficient BLDC ceiling fans available in India. The most popular being Surya SS-32 India’s most energy efficient and revolutionary ceiling fan, designed to suit the growing power needs of the Indian population and saves your electricity by 60%. Indeed, “Zyada Hawaa Ke Saath Lambi Bachat ka Vadaa” – Surya SS-32 BLDC Fans!

High Air Delivery Fans: Its Patent during Summers, as soon as you enter the house and switch on the lights the very next thing you do is switch on the fans. Even in this era of AC’s, we will always need fans to be a part of our living in our homes. Surya offers wide range of ceiling fans with high air delivery which are not only energy efficient but environment friendly too.

Which one do you plan to opt for? We are listening To know more: http://www.surya.co.in/Product/ceiling-fans/