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Exhaust Fans bring Home Comfort

Just like your ceiling fans, exhaust fans do play an important role in maintaining the ideal temperature and air quality. Be it the kitchen, bathroom or even the whole home systems, exhaust fans improve ventilation by letting out the bad

In bathrooms, after taking a bath or a shower, moisture will inevitably accumulate on the surface of tiles/mirrors and also the temperature inside will increase due to the hot shower. Exhaust fans installed inside the bathroom will maintain its temperature by venting the moisture out (as it is the primary feature) and will also ensure that the moisture resulting from washing will be easily eliminated. Catering to these needs, Surya presents its range of domestic exhaust fans designed exclusively for Indian homes.

The Surya range of domestic exhaust fans comes in several colors, designs, sizes and is available in both metal and plastic. The Surya exhaust fans include Beach Air – Ventilation Fan, Axial Ventilation Fan, and Power Plus – Fresh Air Fan, which are available in varied sizes and shapes suited to the everyday needs. With ‘sleek looks’ and ‘stronger performance’, Surya Exhaust Fans remove odours from the room, maintaining its freshness. These exhaust fans quickly cool down the surrounding areas/mounted areas which have become too hot from activities such as cooking or showering. Surya Exhaust Fans bring good looks with performance, along with noiseless operations and high speed.

Plastic exhaust fans are the most suitable in Bathrooms, while the metal serves the ideal purpose in Kitchens. So, now you know which exhaust fans you should opt for. Do tell us when are you buying them for your house and don’t forget to check out the wide range of exhaust fans with Surya!

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