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Build #ARelationofWarmth with Surya Water Heaters

When it comes to rapid/quickest solution for having HOT water in your Cold Winter Mornings, we have the answer. Be it any location; our Water Heaters does much more than giving the rapid/quickest solution of HOT water. Welcome Home Surya

Adds Comfort in daily use: With continuous hot water as the key, Surya Water Heaters does not compromise on the ‘HOT’ness of the water that’s flowing considering the early morning scheduling or back to back showers taken. Its fastest finger first!

All about Savings: Surya Water Heaters are the most in demand this season that balances basic needs with no hole in the pocket. Rated as 5+ star, these Water Heaters helps in making more savings up to 40% OFF on your monthly electricity bills.

Rely on us:  Using them for a longer period or multiple times in a day; you could rely on us! As compared to the traditional heaters, Surya Water Heaters are not subject to any kind of decay. These Water Heaters have the ability to deliver a continuous supply of hot water at preset temperature levels and can enjoy life expectancy with 7 years of warranty on water tank.

Safety, ON Track: Keeping safety in mind, Surya Water Heaters are designed with several monitoring systems (such as Preset Thermal Cutout and Polyurethane Insulation) that control the water pressure, temperature and flow to have safe operation. In case of the system failure, the unit instantly turns off the task & if damaged can be replaced* under the warranty, offered up to 5 and 7 years. *depending on parts.

Space Saver:  Designed compact and stylish, the Surya Water Heaters are designed to take up as little space as possible and is the ideal choice, for when installation space is limited to tight spaces, such as under the counter and in crawl spaces.

To summarize, it’s Surya’s rapid/quickest solution to your Water Heater dilemma. You know which one to opt for, while smart buying this winter season…. Happy Winters!

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