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Ordinary Fans V/s SURYA BLDC Fans

The last decade has been the period of advancement and digitalization, and no industry has remained untouched. For instance, the Bulb moved from the ‘Ordinary to LED’ and now the ‘Fans moving from Induction motor to BLDC technology’ – The latter for both is smarter, energy efficient and also long lasting bringing the right value for money.

A lot has been said on LED Bulbs, but BLDC Fans remains not a very popular topic for discussion. Let’s dwell on the concept and understand more about why BLDC fans are the future of India. BLDC fans are efficient, consume less power and are light on your pockets. Here’s a quick breakdown for you with valid reasoning why BLDC fans are better:

  1. Surya SS-32 BLDC (BrushLess Direct Current) Super Energy Efficient ceiling fan has its unique designed motor which has a structural element permanent magnets mounted on rotor ring and the electronic controller provides pulses of the current to stator copper winding that control the speed and torque of the motor. BLDC fan offers several advantages apart from 60% Power saving, like increased efficiency, increased reliability, reduced noise level and longer lifetime of the fan.
  2. BLDC fan is designed electronically controlled for constant Speed and Power consumption resulted in constant Air Delivery that means there is no speed variation on voltage fluctuations ranging 140 – 240 Volts. BLDC fan is available with Remote Control option with features like sleep timer of 2 Hour, Sleep mode which reduces the speed at regular interval.
  3. BLDC fan consumes 32 Watt at full speed and saves 60% Power in compare of 80 Watt of conventional ceiling fan. BLDC fan has the additional advantage of 4 Watt consumption at the lowest speed regulation. This fan is for high air delivery of 220 CMM with service value of 6.87

4. The main advantage of this fan is that even over a period of time, the fan motor emerges undamaged. It is designed for more rugged over long-term use. These fans optimally utilize its power and spare no heat to generate.

Need we say more?  If everyone makes a smart switch to the super-efficient BLDC fans, then there will be a significant saving of power and money, for the consumers as well as the nation in the near future. And we guarantee with BLDC fans your investment of buying it will be redeemed in 2 Years – How? Savings in Power and Electricity Bills makes 2 Saal Mein Pankha FREE with Surya BLDC Fans.

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