A complete range of Fans – by Surya Fans


What does one look for while buying a fan, it should be super easy to maintain, higher air delivery or low energy consumption with good looks… a checklist of things to look for!!! Well, understanding your checklist from living room to kitchen, Surya has covered it all, bringing the perfect…

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How To Choose The Correct Room Heater For Your Home?


how to choose the correct room heater for your home? winter season can be very terrifying and harsh if you haven't done the proper preparation for it. by preparation, you don't only need blankets and woolens but you also need a perfect & efficient room heater to cope with low…

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How to clean the Glass Cooktops?


How to clean the Glass Cooktops? Glass #Cooktops are very good looking but they need good care so that they remain scratch less. Even a small spill or splatter is visible on these cooktops. To remove these, we need to follow a few instructions. Cleaning should be done STRICTLY while…

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