Since 1973 Surya has lived up to its prime motto of ‘Providing reliable and trustworthy’ products. However, with the plethora of options in the markets, varieties of ‘counterfeit’ products seem to find a way in through the back door. And such fake products results in poor customer satisfaction who are looking to buy Original Products just like Surya Glass Cooktop.

How would you differentiate the counterfeit products which are being sold in the name of the Surya against the original Surya Glass Cooktop? Well, we make it easier for you J let’s go through these ‘informative signs’ that will ensure you are not taken for a ride every time you shop!

Brand Hologram on Packaging/Product

Always checkout for the details of the packaging while buying a product as most of the fake brands try to match up the packaging but cannot copy everything exact J. So, when you are opting for ‘Original Surya Glass Cooktop’. ALWAYS… yes ALWAYS Look for the ‘Surya Energising Lifestyles’ Genuine Hologram (shown in the image below) on the product.

Poor quality of products

No fake product or company can match the exact quality or the composition of the materials being used by Surya. A counterfeit product comes in cheap quality. So, if you come across a product which is less than the built of Original Surya Glass Cooktop i.e.‘0.8mm Thick Stainless Steel’ & ‘8mm Toughened Glass’ then it is advisable NOT TO BUY it.

Missing accessories – Omissions & Mismatch

Typically, fake products miss out on few details while copying the information such as codes, seals or trademarks, or any patent information on the packaging/product. In case of Surya Original Glass Cooktop, stop & analyze the authentic seal i.e. ‘Original Glass Cooktop’ on the packaging making sure you are not fooled to buy a fraudulent product.

Warranty and Offers

If you are buying Surya Products in the market, there may be a difference in the price of course, why not as you have come across the best of the best deals but before getting tempted to BUY make sure the seller or dealer is an authorized one. Also, check out for the warranty duration as Surya offers only ‘2 years of warranty’ anything lesser or beyond – It wasn’t us!

PS: Surya at its end does not provide any kind of Special discount however the authorized dealers of Surya can offer discount at their level but Surya doesn’t participate or is involved in that.

Having said that, always prefer to buy products from authorized and trustworthy stores and e-commerce websites where the retailers are authorized, have sellers licensed or are genuine brand outlets.

So Be SAFE and SMART enough to #OptforSuryaOriginal Glass Cooktop.