India is fast changing its lighting from traditional incandescent bulbs to innovative and energy efficient LED bulbs for various good reasons. Environment-friendly, energy efficient, low maintenance cost and better illumination at lower wattage are the key factors for this change.

The encouraging government policies and schemes are also facilitating factors for this shift to LED Lights. Though the initial cost of the LED products is seemingly high, it will prove to be cost beneficial and worth the investment in the long run for reasons stated below.

Long operational lifespan:
Surya LED Lights are highly efficient in comparison to traditional bulbs. Without any filaments to burn or break, Surya LED bulbs lasts up to 25,000 hours that is almost twenty five times the lifespan of traditional bulbs. This would mean a reduced need for frequent bulb replacements.

Energy efficient:
Tired of the high electricity bills? Installing the Surya LED Lights is an efficient and easy way to reduce the energy consumption and bring down the cost of electricity. The foremost among various advantages of LED Light is that it is highly energy efficient. LED Lights aim at directional lighting, which in turn reduces the wastage of light and energy. Besides, it converts 80% of the electric energy into light energy in contrast to the lower percentage of Halogen and CFL bulbs.

Low temperature:
No more burnt finger while replacing the bulbs. The LED bulbs, unlike incandescent and CFL bulbs release only 20% of the heat and operate at a lower temperature. They are safe to handle even after they are on for hours and carry a lesser risk of causing burns or accidental fire.

Brighter future:
The LED Lights, unlike other CFL and Incandescent bulbs do not contain mercury, reducing the carbon footprints in the environment. Outlasting the life of CFLs, the preferred choice goes rightly to LED lighting that is as clear as day. The LED Lights can also illuminate the room instantly in a matter of microseconds, which is ideal for emergent situations when time plays a vital role.

The present is the right and the appropriate time to revamp smartly your lighting system with Surya LED Lights and enjoy the comfortable quality brightness with practically no warm up time. It is worth the initial investment, as it not only saves energy but also money besides enabling you to contribute your bit for the cause of clean environment.