At Surya, we use technology and innovation to make life simpler. The appliances that give your home and office a lively look with easy lifestyle to you. Form and function interweave themselves into a seamless solutions cluster in Surya’s range of Home Appliances, which is the delight for every value-conscious homemaker. The Indian-specific home appliances range for Food Preparation, Cooking, Garment Care, Heating Appliances & Climate Control of Surya includes the range of products. The recently launched Glass Cooktop along with Mixer Grinder, Juicer Mixer Grinder, Dry Iron, Steam Iron, Induction Cooktop, Sandwich Maker, Pop-Up Toaster, Storage Water Heater, Instant Water Heater, Immersion Water Heater, Air Cooler, Oil Filled Radiator, Heat Convector, Halogen Heater and Quartz Heater. With Surya’s range of home appliances, we promise a complete peace of mind, by serving you the best home appliances for your dream home in the easiest, simplest and smartest way possible.