how to choose the correct room heater for your home?

winter season can be very terrifying and harsh if you haven’t done the proper preparation for it. by preparation, you don’t only need blankets and woolens but you also need a perfect & efficient room heater to cope with low temperatures. there are a variety of room heaters available in the market, so choosing one according to your requirements is indeed a difficult job. we can guide you by providing you a piece of detailed information about various room heaters by surya so that you can choose the best according to your need.

if you have kids and elderly people at your home then surya oil filled radiator with fan heater will be the best option for you as it does not deplete any oxygen content of the air and helps in easy breathing. surya ofr is completely safe for you and your family, it maintains the humidity of the room with extreme efficiency. surya ofr has caster wheels which offer you ease of mobility, you can easily transfer it from one room to another and make your rooms warm and comfortable

it comes with 3 heat settings 1000w, 1500w & 2500, tilt over switch function for safety, a 2-year warranty, and an adjustable thermostat so you can easily get your desired temperature. you can instantly get a warm room using a 400w ptc fan heater.

so, with surya oil filled radiator with fan heater, you get a warm comfortable room with 100% safety.

surya heat-on halogen heater

choose surya heat-on halogen heater for noiseless heating. it is assembled with 3 halogen rods, 3 heat setting feature 400w, 800w & 1200w, tilt over switch for safety, two-way oscillation, and 1-year warranty. if you want a warm, comfortable room without any noise you must opt for heat-on halogen heater. it comes with a handle so you can easily carry it from one room to another. this appliance is isi marked and is completely safe.

surya quartz heater

if you want a small portable, easy to use room heater then you must choose surya quartz room heater. it has a tilt over switch for your safety, 2 quartz tube for perfect heating, 2 heat settings 400w & 800w, and is isi marked. you can use it easily according to your convenience.

surya heat convector

choose surya heat convector if you want instant heating and an energy-saving room heater.

surya warmth heat convector

it has a turbo blower that heats your room quickly. surya warmth is portable and you can adjust its height according to your need. it comes with a thermal cut out feature, dual heat setting 1000w & 2000w, and a temperature control knob to save energy. so, get a warm comfortable room without increasing your electricity bill.

surya fan heater ( heat convector )

it comes with 2 heat setting features, a cool body, adjustable thermostat. it has a tabletop design so you can easily place it on a table. you can easily control the speed & temperature with the help of a rotatory switch.

ceramic heater

if you want a stylish room heater, choose ceramic heater. it is compact, stylishly designed, and has stainless steel reflector. it is isi marked & comes with a mesh grill, so it’s completely safe for you.

surya provides you a variety of options for a room heater, every heater is excellent in its own way. according to your priorities, you can easily choose the correct room heater for your home.