How to clean the Glass Cooktops? Glass #Cooktops are very good looking but they need good care so that they remain scratch less. Even a small spill or splatter is visible on these cooktops. To remove these, we need to follow a few instructions. Cleaning should be done STRICTLY while the cooktop is cool. Never clean the glass top while it is hot. This may result in a crack on the toughened glass. Follow the instructional manual from the manufacturers. Certain ranges require you to use a specific type of cleaning product. Check care instructions so that you don’t accidentally damage it. Use gentler cleaning tools. Your Cooktop is fairly resilient, but scouring pads or scrub brushes could leave scratches. Stick to softer cleaning materials, such as microfiber clothes or sponges. While it is advisory to clean the glass cooktop every day, and in fact after every use. Daily Cleaning Instructions for Glass Cooktops. We should wipe down our glass cooktop after each use to prevent residue from building up and collecting dust. A spray bottle of water or white vinegar and microfiber clothes are needed for cleaning. The glass cooktop should be cool before the cleaning. We can then spray it with the water or vinegar, and then wipe the glass cooktop with the microfiber cloth or a cotton cloth. Once done, wipe it with a dry cloth gently and your glass cooktop will start shining again.Biweekly or Monthly cleaning for more dirty Glass Cooktops To clean deeply we need further few things for monthly cleaning


  • Baking soda- Sprinkle baking soda over the entire top. Baking soda is a great natural cleaner because this mild alkali helps breakdown grit and grime more easily and the mild abrasive quality will make scrubbing more effective without scratching the glass.
  • A spray bottle of distilled white vinegar – With all burners cool, spray the surface of your glass top with white vinegar and wipe with a damp cloth to remove any surface debris and degrease the surface. Any surface cleaner will get the job done here, but vinegar is inexpensive and is always on hand.
  • A clean towel,- Fill a bucket (or the sink) with hot water and drop an old bath towel in to dampen.
  • Cover Stovetop With Towel- Wring out the towel and place it on stovetop to completely cover the surface. If you prefer, two smaller towels may be used. Leave the towel in place for about 15 minutes to soak and loosen the crud that has accumulated.
  • Scrub- Use elbow grease and the mild abrasive that is baking soda to clean the stove. Rinse and wring your towel frequently and scrub until there is no baking soda left on the stove and the surface is as clean as you think you can get it by scrubbing.



Keeping above things in mind one can keep the Glass Cooktop neat, clean and sparkling adding value to the kitchen.