Surya Roshni meticulously ensures every product’s quality to its core. With the strong belief in ensuring complete customer satisfaction, Surya offers a diverse range of superior quality products. It has impressive lifespan and energy saving technology with low maintenance cost factor. Every Surya LED product is manufactured in-house at the fully integrated plants in Kashipur and Gwalior. With 85% lesser energy consumption as compared to incandescent bulbs and a lifespan of around 25000 hours, Surya Lamp LED Lights and Surya Lighting Series is an extensive step into the bright future. LED Lamps, LED Candle Lamps, LED Coloured Lamps, LED Down Lights, LED Street Light Fittings, etc. are some of the leading LED products offered by Surya Roshni, which are specially manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities to ensure the best of quality and value for money.