With the dawn of LED technology, the world is experiencing newer verticals in indoor commercial lighting. With brand new concepts of downlights, panels and tubes, the domestic and commercial sector has already taken up a whole new outlook in homes, offices and commercial spaces.

With a range of applications and tasks, the specially designed indoor commercial luminaires ensure even and uniform lighting, clearer vision and better orientation with the Amenity lighting. Energy efficient downlights, recessed panels, and surface mounted luminaires produce a predominantly homogenous light in any home, office, lobby or corridor area. Color Rendering plays a very important role in indoor lighting and keeping that in mind, we make sure that all our indoor commercial luminaires come with CRI more than 80. To add to that, all these products are available in different color temperature for the exact mood and ambiance as required by the customer.

Keeping specific requirement of the customers in mind, we also have different LED Tubes that come as LED Retrofit solution for the Fluorescent T8 tube lights which not only provides similar lighting levels but at the same time saves energy to a substantial amount.