Wednesday, December 20, 2017

It is that time of the year to transport yourself to a warm place! Bring out that razai and off you go. Kulhad chai and bonfires and a Rafi track for company! Isn’t that a winter perfect memory? Time to relive or let’s say recreate those memories…You’re going to need something more than woolen wear and winter creams to keep the winter chills at bay. Here are some ‘Must Haves’ you need. Blend in with the mood of the season, feel, don’t freeze!

–Water Heaters: Who doesn’t love a hot water shower on a chilly morning? Apart from the comforting feeling, bathing with hot water induces better blood circulation, cleanses the skin intricately, releases stress etc

You can choose from a wide variety of Surya’s water heater range and pick the most suitable one. You can opt for Storage Water Heaters (Cold water is heated and stored in a tank, ready to use anytime), Instant Heaters (Hot water on demand. The units don’t store hot water and they can be hung on a wall) or Immersion Rods (Consists of a heating coil, place it in a bucket of water and you have hot water in 15-20 mins). Not only are Surya heaters efficient, they come with a heating indicator light and 4-5-star rating qualifying it to be very energy efficient with many safety features.

-Room Heaters: You don’t want to freeze after a hot water bath. Don’t send shock waves to your body, rather install/get a room heater.

Opt for Surya’s Oil Filled Radiator which is loaded with the latest technology, allowing you to have a stress free and safe winter journey. A unique feature of an Oil Filled Radiator is that it heats the room safer way without depletion of oxygen. Surya heaters are noiseless, and have a ‘Two Way Oscillation’ system ensuring the entire room is adequately covered with equal heat. Additionally, a ‘Tilt Over Switch’ ensures safety, as it turns off the heater in the event of it being knocked on its side.

-Appliances: How about a hot cup of tea/coffee while you gently curl up on a winter day? A good electric kettle is all you need. It is much more efficient than a regular stove to boil water. The auto-cut off feature does not limit you to attending to it constantly. Boil water within minutes and pour in some coffee powder or tea leaves and there you go!

The Key: Choose your winter appliances with utmost care. It is important to check for durability, warranty, brand and functionality, quality of the appliances as they act as winter companions! Don’t settle for cheap commodities in the guise of qualitative appliances

Go ahead and treat yourself to these warm winter memories. However, remember to use them efficiently and responsibly. Maintain them regularly. Don’t just turn off appliances when not in use, rather unplug them and do your bit. This will also ensure lesser electricity bills! Warm the planet with your care!