New technology always aims to simplify the process and save the time and labour. Surya introduces the best in class Direct Forming Technology (DFT), paving an innovative route of high tech designed methodology to produce ERW Structural Steel Section Pipes. This technology sizably reduces the time of producing customized hollow section by including it into mill range without changing the roll. Being a completely automatic and computerized process, DFT saves the setup time, makes operation setting accurate, easy and efficient. Compared to traditional production processes, this method is completely automatic and computerized all PLC control with DC digital control system only to motorize the roller movement during the size changes.

DFT not only saves time from setting up rollers, it also cut shorts the process of forming rectangular/square sections. It is a direct square or rectangle roll forming machine. In traditional setup, all sections (Square/Rectangle) pipes used to be made out of round pipes. That means until weld rolls you have a round tube and after that you make square or rectangle out of it. this has been changed, new DFT standard directly start corners forming from the 1st pass itself.

Advantages of DFT

  • Speeds up the Hollow section formation:- Providing a customized hollow sections for architects won’t be that difficult a task.
  • Just in time Delivery:- In this technology size change over time will be reduced substantially, which leads to fast change over all sizes resultantly quick delivery to the costumer, even in small lots.
  • Orbital cold saw for burr free end cutting to ensure faster delivery of order even in small lots also.
  • High automation level
  • Proven design
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Since the process is autonomous & computer measured, Perfect pipe quality with perfect dimensions and corner radius control is assured.

Information About Specification, Grades and Sizes Covered Under DFT

Specification Grades Sizes covered in SHS Sizes covered in RHS
IS 4923:2017,
EN 10219-1&2
YSt 210, 240,
A 500-Gr.B C & D,
S235, S275,
150 x 150 x 3 to 8 mm
160 x 160 x 3 to 8 mm
180 x 180 x 3 to 10 mm
190 x 190 x 4 to 10 mm
200 x 200 x 4 to 12.7 mm
210 x 210 x 5 to 12.7 mm
220 x 220 x 5 to 12.7 mm
250 x 250 x 5 to 12.7 mm
280 x 280 x 5 to 12.7 mm
300 x 300 x 5 to 12.7 mm
150 x 200 x 4 to 12.7 mm
150 x 250 x 5 to 12.7 mm
150 x 300 x 5 to 12.7 mm
180 x 260 x 5 to 12.7 mm
200 x 300 x 5 to 12.7 mm
210 x 310 x 5 to 12.7 mm
200 x 400 x 5 to 12.7 mm
250 x 350 x 5 to 12.7 mm

Note: Sizes other than mentioned in table can also be customized.

Information About Raw Material To Be Used and Mechanical Properties of Sizes Covered Under DFT:

  • Raw Material:- As per the Specification.
  • Thickness Range:- From 3 mm (0.118 Inch) to 12.70 mm (0.500 Inch)
  • Standard Length:- Supply 6 to 15 meters as per customer requirement in IS 4923:2017 (Any Length) with Tolerance +6 mm, -0 mm.

Mechanical Properties are as Under :

Grades Yield Strength (min) in MPA Tensile Strength (min) in MPA Elongation%
YSt 210 210 330 20
YSt 240 240 410 15
YSt 310 310 450 10
YSt 355 355 490 10