ERW Pipes

ERW pipes are extensively used in agriculture, industry and construction activities like scaffolding and casing in bore wells. These are used for conveying water, gas, crude oil and chemicals at various pressures and densities over long distances. Considering the challenging and varied applications, the pipes are produced to meet very high standards of both national and international specifications.

Quality assurance begins at the raw material stage and continues right through all the manufacturing operations, till the Piles are packed for dispatch. The quality assurance department is fully backed by modern laboratory for various metallurgical and chemical tests, and test hours for testing physical properties. It has been awarded the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certificate for its quality systems.

NPS Thickness Capacity (MT Per annum) Length Specification Pipes Ends
½” to 16″(15 nb)
(406 nb)
1.0 mm to
12.7 mm
(0.8 Million)
3000 mm to
12900 mm
National / International specifications including API5L upto X-80, PSL1&2, API 5CT H40, J55, K55 PSL1, EN : 10255/10219, EN : 10217-1, AS : 1074, IS :1239, IS :3589, IS :1161, IS :4923, AS NZ 1163: 2016, ASTM A 53. BS EN – 39, ASTM A 500 ASTM A 252, ASTM A 795, SLS 829:2009 etc. Plain, Bevelled, Threaded, Roll-Grooved

Specifications & Applications

The products conform to the following National & International specifications.

Surya Group wide range of Structural Steel Hollow Sections under various grades YSt 210/240/310 at works. Along with standard sizes we also manufacture extra light series (up to 1mm thickness) sections. We keep finish goods for all regular sizes and thus require low lead time for delivery. Surya’s product development/application team continuously assess the needs of the market to develop new sizes/value added products such as Hot Dip Galvanized, HRPO, CR & GP Sections.

Special Application – Solar Power Structure

The consumption of non-renewable sources like oil, gas and coal is increasing at an alarming rate, the time has finally come to look after some other renewable sources of energy i.e. Solar Energy. Although many countries have started utilizing solar energy extensively but still they have to go a long way to fulfill their daily demand for energy.

Having a quest to discover new products, keeping in mind the need of the end consumer in providing innovative solutions, the Group now brings its range of Prakash Surya Steel Door Frames. Made with premium quality steel, the Prakash Surya Steel Door Frames comes with fine finishing, are light in weight & built to last forever. Prakash Surya Steel Door Frames are perfect fit not only for houses but also for corporate offices.

Thickness range: 1.20 mm to 2.90 mm or as per customer requirement.

Prakash Surya Steel Door Frames comes in Steel Single Door Frame and Steel Double Door Frames.

Wide Range Applications

Infrastructure: Airport, Railway, Tower Sector, Bridge, Defense Hanger, etc.

Industrial Applications: Industrial Sheds, scaffolding, Warehouse.

General Engineering: Truck, Bus Body & Other commercial Vehicles, Sign Post, Commercial/ Residential Buildings.

Prakash Surya Steel Tubular Pole (Swaged Types) as per IS: 2713/ ( Part I- III). These poles are mainly used for street lighting with single hang (arm) & double hang (arm). Traffic Lights and Power Transmission. The Poles are manufactured on most modern and sophisticated machines and fabricated by an excellent team of highly experienced and qualified personnel. The complete testing facility and competent quality team ensure the unmatched quality of the poles.

We have complete range from SP-1 to SP-80 in Length 7.0 meters to 16 meters. The design, shape and sizes can be customized as per the client’s requirement with the utmost quality. Poles are supplied with Red oxide coating or hot dip galvanized as per the requirement. Proper material strength, straightness, size and strong wielding are the key features of Prakash Surya Poles.

Powder Coated Pipes

We have recently added facility of powder coating on hot-dip galvanized pipes. These pipes are widely used for Gas connection under city Gas distribution network. There are many other applications like Public Park’s gym, children’s playgrounds, scaffolding, railings, etc. The powder coating is carried out on the precise machines of a reputed brand by an expert team, which ensures the uniform and tough coating. For all testing, we have in-house testing facilities.

SURYA Attaining New Heights of Success

  • High Quality Galvanized Coil from the trusted world class suppliers.
  • Size Range & Thickness:
    • G.P. Round – 15 NB (21.3 mm OD) to 175 NB (193.7 mm OD), Thickness 0.80 mm to 2.90 mm according to OD/Thick. Ratio.
    • G.P. Square – 15X15 mm to 150X150 mm, Thickness 0.80 mm to 2.90 mm according to OD/Thick. Ratio.
    • G.P. Rectangular – 40X10 mm to 200X100 mm, Thickness 0.80 mm to 2.90 mm according to OD/Thick. Ratio.
  • Steel Grade: As per customer requirement depending upon application.
  • Zinc Coating Range: 120 GSM to 285 GSM (As per customer demand)
  • Length: As per customer requirement.
  • Shape Flexibility: Circular, Square, Rectangular Sections.
  • Strong brand recall for PRAKASH SURYA Steel Pipes throughout the World.

Manufacturing Process of ERW Pipes

ERW pipes are made from HR Coils manufactured & supplied by reputed major steel producers. After being longitudinally slitted & edge preparation, the strip is progressively formed into a circular shape by passing it through a series of forming rolls.

Continuous welding is carried out by a high frequency inducting welding machine, and the seam is formed by fusing the edges without any filler metal. The weld bead reinforcement (inside), is removed. if needed. The welded pipe, after cooling, are cut in appropriate length after attaining its roundness and specified outside diameter.

The pipes are conveyed to the finishing bay for finishing, testing and inspection. Hydro testing of pipes is undertaken to detect leaks and fissures prior to galvanizing and threading. The pipes are subsequently galvanized/black varnished/threaded as per specification/client requirement.

Customer satisfaction drives SURYA in everything that it does. No wonder, its commitment to the high quality of its pipes commences right from the selection of raw material and continues at every stage of manufacturing process till the finished product. The inspection procedures evaluate each pipe for surface finish, perfection of weld, correct diameter wall thickness, length and weight.