Time to take out that ‘happily stacked away’ woolen wear, get the latest winter creams & brace yourself up this winter. And while you do everything possible to make your body ‘winter ready’ what about the place that houses your body? Go ahead and put on those layers but don’t forget to bring the same warmth to your home.

It is the perfect time to invest in a Room Heater! Not just a mere appliance but one of the means to enhance your winter experience. So let the supply of chai-pakodas keep coming, while you read away uninterrupted and keep your home and heart warm. Get yourself a Room Heater… Make a choice and we’ll help you make an informed one.

Let’s list down things to remember before buying the Room Heater –

Size of the Room: The first prerequisite to buying a suitable heater depends on the size of the room. By size, one precisely means the surface area of the room. Depending upon the size, you can pick the most suitable heater for your room. Different models are available to cater different needs/requirements.

Warranty: Make sure you check for warranty before getting one. Warranty ensures peace of mind and make sure to maintain it well. Point in focus: All Surya Room Heaters for that come with a 1 to 2yrs warranty.

Portability: A key factor in deciding on your room heater is the portability. Portable room heaters from Surya allows you to move it to any part of the house. This is made possible because of ‘Castor Wheels’ in selected models which enable it to be moved around easily. These Wheels ensure smooth functioning without any heavy weight lifting. In addition to this, the existence of a ‘Handle’ makes it easy to carry it from one room to another, thus rendering it portable.

Technology: Often ignored, technology is an important factor as it gives an insight into the features and functionality of the heater. Opt for Oil Filled Radiator heaters they are considered the best because they does not deplete oxygen. This means less suffocation as you can turn off the heater and yet experience the warmth. Adding more, Surya Room Heaters offer a wide range of unique features like ‘Tilt Over Switch’ for safety, which turns it off in the event of it being knocked on its side, ‘Noiseless Operation’ that ensures unhindered sleep and peace of mind and a ‘Two Way Oscillation’ system ensuring the entire room is adequately covered with equal heat pressure.

Energy Efficiency & Safety: And finally, make sure you opt for a room heater that is energy efficient as it will consume comparatively less energy and ensure low electricity bills! Thus, it will heat the room without burning your pocket! Look up for ISI marked heaters for safety.

So, wait no longer, refer to this guide and treat yourself to a pleasant winter. Happy winter to you!