A Ceiling fan is by default the most used & necessary electrical product in our homes which is directly proportional to the amount of electricity it consumes, which we are usually unaware of.

Ironically, a ceiling fan is also the most neglected electrical product as it is not considered when it comes to electricity consumption. Room interiors and fans go hand in hand playing a significant role in terms of aesthetics of the fan such as colors, design, and looks; which is no doubt that the fan’s power consumption also depends on the size of the room and speed as well.

To understand more – an ordinary ceiling fan draws electricity approx 75 – 80 Watts. You can save minimum 40% of your money on your electricity bills by simply switching to energy saving fans. In many Indian homes, at least one ceiling fan keeps running on an average of 20 hours a day for almost 300 days in a year. Think, how much energy you can save every month if you switch your fans to energy saving fans.

Point in focus ‘Surya BLDC fans’ which consumes 32 Watts at the Speed 5 and 4 Watts at Speed 1. Also, it makes your investment worth, repaying you back within 2 YEARS (Thanks to the cut down electricity bills) – making the Surya BLDC purchase FREE for you. This is more than enough to convert your FROWN to a SMILE. And what’s more, Surya BLDC Fans are also environment-friendly adding green steps to our mother earth.

What is needed, is a bit more attention to the details of our energy consumption by doing some energy audit and taking corrective actions. Every watt of power saved not only gives financial benefits, but also save our environment from becoming more polluted. Lesser the energy consumed, by using energy-efficient electrical products and using them meticulously; we can even save enough to consider taking another bank loan for some purpose.

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